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Tegan and Sara Explain Why Being a Twin at Christmas Gets Tricky 

Warner Bros. RecordsIn addition to being a hitmaking duo, Tegan & Sara are also identical twin sisters.  And that resulted in a lot of unimaginative Christmas gifts while the two were young kids growing up in Canada.  It seems people wouldn't bother to buy the "Closer" duo individual gifts: they simply got them the same thing, only in different colors.

"Definitely, we got a lot of the same stuff growing up," Tegan tells ABC News Radio.  " be fair to the people who bought us the same things in different colors, we wanted the same things."

"I mean, that's part of being a twin...that you have this person who's at the identical space and time that you are," Tegan explains. "All the things that are popular in pop culture, in the mainstream, you both want."  

So surprisingly, there wasn't any resentment on the part of either twin, demanding that they be treated as individuals.  "We loved it," Tegan insists. "When you're a kid you don't really care.  You don't think of it like, 'I'm a twin, am I being scarred because nobody is seeing my individuality?' You're not thinking of it that way."

"That's for your mid-twenties," laughs Sara. "When you can afford a therapist!"  

The sisters will play their last show of 2013 on December 20 in Florida.  In 2014, they're due to set sail with Paramore on that band's first-ever fan cruise, Parahoy!, which leaves from Miami on the Norwegian Pearl in March.

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