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Imagine Dragons Talk Grammy Performance, New Year's Day Gig

ABC/Richard HarbaughIf you’re excited to see Imagine Dragons team up with rapper Kendrick Lamar for their joint performance at the upcoming 56th Annual Grammy Awards, there’s one person you should thank, and it’s not anyone from The Recording Academy. Guitarist Wayne Sermon says the idea for their upcoming collaboration was pitched to them by Kendrick himself, while both bands were attending the American Music Awards.

“It was an easy thing to say yes to," Wayne tells USA Today. "It's a chance to do something different and out of the box for us, too. We won't be too disappointed if we don't win a Grammy, just as long as our performance goes well. It's the only thing we've got control over, so we're focusing mostly on that."  The band is nominated for two Grammys at the ceremony, which takes place next month.

Before they hit the stage at the Grammys, though, Imagine Dragons will be performing at the Allstate Fan Fest in New Orleans on January 1, the day before the Sugar Bowl. Wayne notes he’s excited to be associated with the event, mostly because it will help improve his standing with some of his family members.

"All my brothers are athletic, and I was always the sad, less talented kid," he explains. "So the fact that we're going to do something like the Sugar Bowl gives me cred with them. And that's really the most important thing, to look cool to my older brothers."

The guitarist adds that Imagine Dragons has already begun writing new material for their follow-up to 2012’s Night Visions, although he’s not quite sure when the band will hit the studio to record it. "We're always writing, that never stops," he says. "But we're not recording it yet. We're still creating, doing it at our own pace."

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