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Katy Perry & John Mayer Unveil Romantic, First-Ever Official Portraits for "Who You Love" 

Columbia RecordsKaty Perry and John Mayer are madly in love, and now they've captured their feelings for one another on film for posterity.  Vanity Fair has an exclusive look at the first-ever official joint portraits of the couple, which were taken to promote their romantic duet, "Who You Love."

In the series of black and white photos by Mario Sorrenti, Katy and John show their affection for one another in small, but intimate ways.  In one, Katy is posed above John, but she has her hand inside his shirt.  In another, she's lying on her stomach on a couch as he sits on the floor in front of her with a guitar; she's got her arm around his shoulder.  In yet another, Katy's bending backwards, while John leads forward and nuzzles her neck. 

The actual "Who You Love" artwork is a variation on the couch shot.  "Proud of this song, proud of this artwork, proud of this girl," John tweeted.  The song, from John's album Paradise Valley, is available on iTunes.

In other Katy news, she's giving more detail about a song on her album PRISM called "By the Grace of God," in which she describes "laying on bathroom floor" in a state of depression following her breakup with ex-husband Russell Brand.  The singer confirms that yes, she really was thinking about ending her own life during that time.

Asked if she was truly contemplating suicide at the moment she sings about in the song, Katy told the Toronto Star, "Yes. I was. I remember specifically, I was in New York. I had a spell of sorts and it was very difficult and sad."  Explaining why she's willing to talk openly about this, Katy explains, " A lot of people struggle with negative thoughts, but you shouldn’t be ashamed of that. You should share how you feel with people, so you don’t feel so alone in your problems.”

What helped her get through that dark time, Katy says, was divine intervention.

“Sure, the hikes helped and the meditation helped and the therapy helped and the vitamins helped and my friends helped, but I think something cosmic was looking out for me," she tells the paper.

The singer insists that these days, she's in a much better state of mind -- not perfect, but on the right track.

"I think I’m a work in progress, really,” she tells the paper. "I always have to be aware that the work is unfinished. In the last little while, I had to do a lot of looking inward and re-patching things than needed to be patched."

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