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Lady Antebellum, Parmalee and Justin Moore Reveal Their Ideal New Year's Eve Plans

Capitol NashvilleWhen it comes to New Year's Eve plans, most country artists admit they'd rather be on stage playing music instead of attending a party back home. Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley thinks New Year's is usually a disappointing holiday anyway.

He tells ABC News Radio, "That's why I've always liked to do a gig, because every New Year's party that I've ever been all excited about always is a bust. I don't know why."

Charles' band mate Dave Haywood chimes in, "It's anticlimactic. Everyone's, like, sleepy by 10:30 and then everyone leaves the part at 12:03."

Unfortunately, the members of Lady A will probably have to attend some sort of New Year's Eve party in Nashville Tuesday. They don't launch their Take Me Downtown tour until January 10 in Peoria, IL.

"Carolina" hitmakers Parmalee will be on stage Tuesday night headlining a club show in West Palm Beach, FL. They're bringing a few friends and family down for the show, which they expect to get a little crazy.

Lead singer Matt Thomas tells ABC News Radio, "New Year's Eve is pretty crazy 'cause everybody's out on New Year's Eve. So, if you're not on the stage playing, it's kind of tough being out in the crowd 'cause everybody's going crazy."

The guys in Parmalee wouldn't know what to do with themselves if they had New Year's Eve off anyway.

"I also don't know that we have anything else to compare it with 'cause I think for the past 10 years we've played every New Year's Eve except maybe one," explains the group's Barry Knox.

Justin Moore has plans to spend New Year's with his family in the happiest place on earth -- Disney World.

"Last year was the first time we did this, but right after Christmas we went to Disney World for New Year’s, and we’ve got reservations to do that again this year," Justin explains. "So, kinda feels like that might be becoming a new tradition for us."

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