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Katy & Miley May Sit Front Row at Britney's Vegas Debut; She Reveals What She Wants to Be Remembered For 

Isaac Brekken/WireImageThe opening night of Britney Spears' Las Vegas show Britney: Piece of Me may be quite the star-studded affair.  The Las Vegas Sun reports that rumors are growing louder that both Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus will be in front-row VIP booths to watch Britney make her big debut at Planet Hollywood on December 27, and that Extra's Mario Lopez will be sitting next to them.

Miley's presence isn't a surprise: they have the same manager, their moms know each other and they're friends.  Britney even guest stars on Miley's album Bangerz.  As for Katy, she co-wrote one of the songs on Britney's album, called "Passenger."

Meanwhile, in other Britney news, she says that when all is said and done, she wants to be remembered for something other than her singing, her dancing, her music or her videos.

Speaking to Enterainment Tonight, Britney reveals, "I would like to be remembered as someone who makes you laugh. I just think laughter is the most joyful thing you can do in life...I love being around people who are funny."  Asked if she's any good at telling jokes, Britney says, "I'm really not! But I wish I was."

But Britney's not totally devoid of comedic talent. You may recall that she impressed fans and critics with her funny guest appearances on the sitcoms How I Met Your Mother and Will & Grace, and she was amusing on Glee as well.

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