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Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley Shares His Super Bowl Pick

Republic NashvilleFlorida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard have been running so hard on the heels of their #1 hit "Cruise," they barely have time for anything but work.  For Tyler, that means he's not paying much attention to the run-up to this Sunday's Super Bowl.  He says with a laugh, "Yeah, I could barely even tell you who's playing right now."

Brian has been paying attention to the NFL this season, and he thinks the Baltimore Ravens are going to triumph this Sunday over the San Francisco 49ers.  Brian will be keeping his eyes on the Ravens' Ray Lewis, who is said to be retiring after Sunday's game.

"I think I'm still questioning that," Brian says.  "We'll see.  I think if he wins, it will be.  If he doesn't, you know, he might have another season."

No matter the outcome, Brian looks forward to enjoying all the hoopla surrounding Sunday's game.

He says, "The commercials are always fun.  It's fun to just get together with a group of friends and watch the biggest game of the year."


ABC News Radio