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Justin Bieber Loans Ferrari to Alleged Weed Buddy & Police Get Involved...for the Second Time in a Month Bieber is providing a teachable lesson: loaning your Ferrari to friends can cause a heap of trouble.  His car has been caught up in yet another police run-in.

According to TMZ, at 1:30 a.m. on Friday, Justin's friend Lil Za was driving The Bieb's Ferrari when he was pulled over and cited by California deputies.  Initially, the problem was tinted windows, until deputies determined that Lil Za wasn't licensed, which could have bumped things up from a traffic stop to an arrestable offense.  Eventually, cops let Za off the hook with a citation and he was released. 

The incident came exactly a month after Justin's friend Lil Twist was pulled over by the cops after he took The Bieb's Ferrari for a high-speed ride through the streets of Los Angeles.  At the time, a paparazzo filming the incident was struck and killed by another car. 

There's another connection between Za and Justin that mirrors that of the singer and Lil Twist, and it has nothing to do with the Ferrari.

TMZ also reports that Lil Za appears with Justin in a series of photos currently being shopped to media outlets.  The pictures reportedly depict the two passing a blunt -- a marijuana-filled cigar -- back and forth outside of a house in Los Angeles.  A month ago, Justin appeared in a similar series of photos with Lil Twist: they were seen together holding what appeared to be joints at a hotel party in Newport Beach, California.

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