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Justin Bieber Responds to Black Keys' Drummer Grammy Diss; Drummer Admits He Needs to Be "Spanked"

Facebook.com/JustinBieberPatrick Carney, drummer for Grammy-winning rockers The Black Keys, opened himself up for all kinds of grief online when he was caught on camera by TMZ saying that Justin Bieber didn't deserve to win a Grammy because "he's rich."  Not only has he received angry tweets from Justin's fans, but Justin himself has responded to Carney's comments.

"I no longer like you nor do I like your band," tweeted one Belieber to Carney, while another wrote, "who are you? your a flop. Talking s**t about Justin ? LMAO. leave."  Yet another said, "The black keys drummer said Justin didn't deserve a Grammy .....HE NEEDS A PUNCH IN THE FACE WITH A BRICK."

And Justin himself tweeted, "the black keys drummer should be slapped around haha."

Carney seems to be somewhat embarrassed and upset by the response to his comments.  He tweeted, saracastically, "It's cool when you get cornered outside your hotel by a guy with a camera and they ask you a dumb question and then put it on TV. :(." 

Carney has also been retweeting the Bieber fans' angry comments and adding a "sad face" emoticon to each one; he even retweeted Justin's "slapped around" comment.  And apparently, Carney thinks he deserves something worse than being "slapped around" for putting his foot in his mouth.  He tweeted, "I need to be bare butt spanked."

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