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Miguel Reflects on the World's Troubles in "Candle in the Sun" Music Video

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images via ABCMiguel's Grammy Award-winning single "Adorn" got everyone's attention, and now he's giving everyone something new to think about with a just-released video for another Kaleidoscope Dream song, "Candle in the Sun."

"It’s so easy to ignore what's right in front of us sometimes.  I wanted to create a song and visual that addressed my everyday concerns of life as I know it in the world that we live in," Miguel says in a statement.

The black-and-white video shows a montage of contrasting images, which play out while Miguel sits in a dark studio alone.  In one scene, a child holds a rifle on his lap, and in another, a man touches his head to the floor in prayer.  A drug-user pokes his arm with a needle in the clip, and later a choir sings in front of the stained glass windows of a church.

There's also footage of that mangled Seaside Heights, New Jersey, roller coaster that was swept into the ocean when Hurricane Sandy battered the East Coast.  "SANDY WAS AN INSIDE JOB!" reads a spray-painted sign.

The images fit with the theme of Miguel's "Candle in the Sun" song, which features lyrics like "Is there a God?/ Is he watching?/ Is she watching?" and "Business and governments just watch as the innocent fade/ Mindless bureaucracy fails, hindering government aid."

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