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John Mayer Explains Why He Gave Half of His Grammy Award to Alicia Keys

Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesJohn Mayer isn't nominated for a Grammy award this Sunday, but he already has seven in his collection at home.  Well, six-and-a-half actually.  So who's got the other half?  Believe it or not, Alicia Keys.

John says that he literally gave half of his Grammy statuette to Alicia Keys in 2005, the year his hit "Daughters" was named Song of the Year.  Why?  Because he felt that she deserved to win in that category for her song "If I Ain't Got You."

"I gave Alicia Keys the top half of the Song of the Year Grammy because 'If I Ain't Got You' is unbelievable," he says.  "I actually watched her perform that before they gave the award and I said, 'That's it, I can happily lose that.'  And I won the award for 'Daughters,' and [so] I gave the top half to Alicia."

As for the rest of his statuettes, John says he certainly doesn't have them on display on his mantle.  "There another one somewhere in storage," he laughs.  "And the rest of them are just poised above my desk just staring at me, saying, 'Whatcha got now?'

John's most recent Grammy win came in 2009, when he won Best Rock Male Rock Vocal Performance for his song "Gravity."  The last time he was a nominee was at the 2011 Grammys, when he earned three nods for, among other things, his album Battle Studies and his song "Half of My Heart."  That song featured Taylor Swift on background vocals.  It later came to light that the two had dated, and that John believes that her song "Dear John" is about him, though she won't confirm it.

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