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Beyonce's Latest Song Gets Approval from T.I., Tiny

Photo courtesy Beyonce via InstagramBeyonce's "Bow Down/I Been On" song has garnered some serious buzz -- good and bad -- and while Keyshia Cole doesn't seem to be a fan, another singer seems to have Bey's back.  And that's Tiny, who tells E!Online that Beyonce "deserves all the attention she gets."

Tiny's husband, T.I., seems to agree, though he hasn't heard the track.  As far as he's concerned, "Bey is the epitome of success, [and] pretty much embodies everything that it is to be upper echelon performer."  He can't understand what all the fuss is about, but Tiny admits that hearing "Bow Down/I Been On" for the first time was "shocking."  "It's aggressive and she's cussin'... it's just hot," Tiny says. "It's very edgy."

T.I., who knows a thing or two about pushing the envelope with his music, tells E!Online, "As artists, as long as we are being true and honest to our hearts and what we really feel, that's what we owe the people.  [Beyoncé] shouldn't be apologetic about it.  We owe it to the people to give our true feelings because that's where the best music should derive from — your sincerest, passionate feelings."

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