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What's Bruno Mars' "Most Beautiful Moment Ever?" Hint: It Involves His Mom the three years and change that Bruno Mars has been on the charts, he's had plenty of career milestones to celebrate, including five number-one singles, Grammy Awards, high-profile gigs and multi-platinum sales.  But ask him what's been the best part of his success, and he names something that hits a little bit closer to home.

"I always wanted to buy my mom a house and that was the first thing I did with my first big check," Bruno tells the Gulf News ahead of his performance in Dubai on Friday.  "That was the most beautiful moment ever. I bought my mom a nice house in Hawaii and that was before I got anything for myself. I had to take care of mom. It was an emotional moment."

Bruno explains that early on in his career, he struggled as a musician, especially after he lost his record deal.  "[Mom] was always helping me out with money even though she didn’t have that much and you never forget that," he explains.

At this point, about the only thing that isn't going great for Bruno is his love life, which you could probably tell from listening to his song "When I Was Your Man." 

"Because you work so much and you’re constantly on the road, working on songs, shooting videos, then going into the studio, it’s a lot to ask for any woman," Bruno tells the Gulf News. "That’s the hardest part of having a steady relationship."

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