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"American Idol" Reject Lazaro Arbos: One Female Contestant Is "Crazy" and "Thinks She's in 'The Hunger Games'"

Ray Mickshaw/FOXNow that all of the male contestants are out of the way, starting Wednesday night, it'll be a fight to the finish to see which of the five remaining female contestants will be named this year's American Idol.  And according to one eliminated contestant, the competition could get ugly.

While most of this year's male contestants have admitted that they had no desire to actually win American Idol, that's not the case with the women, according to Lazaro Arbos, who was ejected last week.  And he says one unnamed girl in particular is taking things WAY too seriously.

"I'm not gonna say names and I don't wanna sound rude," Lazaro told ABC News Radio backstage at Live with Kelly & Michael earlier in the week.  "But I think that one woman in particular is cra-a-a-a-z-y and she wants to win!"

Lazaro would not say if the contestant was Kree, Candice, Amber, Angie or Janelle, but he thinks that she -- whoever she is -- needs to chill out.  Big time.

"She thinks that we're in The Hunger Games and she's fighting for her life," dished Lazaro about the mystery contestant.  "She needs to realize that it's not about winning: it's about what you do after the show."  As he points out, "The people that win are sometimes less successful than the people that don't win."

While Lazaro isn't supposed to publicly be supporting one contestant over another, when he appeared on Live with Kelly & Michael, he mouthed "Vote for Amber" into the camera, so we can assume that Amber isn't the one whose competitiveness he disapproves of.

American Idol airs Wednesday and Thursday night on Fox, and don't be surprised if the judges actually end up using the save this week.

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