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Long-in-the-Works 1974 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Live Album Due Out in August

David Warner Ellis/RedfernsA long-awaited live album capturing Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young on their 1974 tour is expected to hit stores on August 27, according to Graham Nash.  The folk-rock great tells Rolling Stone that fans will be blown away by the quality of the performances.

"It's going to f**kin' stun people," he declares.  Nash adds that the album is made up of the best performances culled from "eight or nine shows" that were the only ones on the trek that CSNY recorded in multi-track.

David Crosby feels similarly enthusiastic about the concert disc.  "You have to remember that in 1974, The Beatles were over and The Stones were playing a completely different kind of music," he notes.  "When I hear this s**t, I think, for a moment we were probably the best band.  It's startlingly good."

CSNY's 1974 reunion trek found the band in a volatile state.  The quartet had broken up in 1970 and relationships between some of the members had remained tenuous.  In addition, drug issues played a negative role in the group's dynamic during the outing, which went on to be known as "The Doom Tour."

Crosby quips that, because of the history of the trek, he'd like the as-yet-untitled album to be called What Could Possibly Go Wrong?  "I'm going to dig my heels and seriously fight for that," he tells Rolling Stone.  "If I don't get it, I'll threaten to quit the band -- at which point I'll be reminded that there's no band to quit!"

Whatever it will be titled, the record undoubtedly will feature high-quality sound because, as Crosby reveals, that's what Neil Young demanded in order to allow the material to be released.

"He's got it at two million bits," points out Crosby.  "He's a fanatic.  You can get him mad by just saying 'MP3.'"

Nash, meanwhile, says that he'd love to coral Young for a new tour to promote the album, and he'd be willing to push back its release if such an outing could be arranged.

"In my perfect world…I would delay the release of this until the spring of 2014," he explains.  "I would ask David and Stephen [Stills] and Neil to take three months off their busy lives and go out on tour to promote this record."

While Nash realizes that getting Young to commit to such a project is a long shot, he's hoping to get CSNY out on the road again at some point while the members are still able.

"I'm 71 years old," he notes.  "I just want to let people know what great music we could make because drugs are out of the way now.  Stephen and David are totally straight now, and so alive!  It would be fantastic."

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