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Pitbull Co-Hosts "The View", Planning "A-ha Moment" with Latest Hit 

PRNewsFoto/NickelodeonNormally, when you see Pitbull on TV, he's performing one of his high-energy hits.  But on Friday, you'll see the softer side of the rapper, as he sits around chatting with a bunch of women.  Pit will be the guest host on "Guy Day Friday" on ABC's The View.

Asked if he thinks he'll be able to hold his own as the sole male in the middle of the ladies of The View, Pitbull tells ABC News Radio, "Man, I've been raised by women.  I've held my own with women now for thirty-two years.  So, I'm hoping I'll do alright."

Pit says he's happy to do stuff like the View appearance that takes him out of his comfort zone ."I welcome it, and it's always a lot of fun to be able to do things and surprise people, since they always tend to have a certain image attached to your music, and they really don't know your personality," he explains. 

He adds that his stint on the show chatting about the day's "Hot Topics" and interviewing guests will allow the audience to "tap into Armando and not Pitbull," referring to his birth name, Armando Pérez.

Pit is currently making the rounds promoting his hit collaboration with Christina Aguilera, "Feel This Moment."  He says that his record company didn't think the song would be a hit, but he was convinced it couldn't miss.

"I believed in the record for the simple fact that it had the A-ha sample," he tells ABC News Radio.  The song samples the keyboard riff from "Take On Me," an iconic '80s tune by the Norwegian pop group A-ha.  It became a massive hit thanks to its groundbreaking, special-effects laden video.

"Everybody knows that sample," Pit continues.  "We grew up off of it. And even with the younger generation, it's so catchy that they're probably fighting in a car as we speak saying, 'No, Pitbull came up with that," and they're like 'No, it's from the 80s!' 'No, Pitbull did that!' you know.  I love to hear those stories."

Pitbull says the guys in A-ha are totally supportive of "Feel This Moment," and he says don't be surprised if you see him collaborating with them at some point, perhaps on an award show or a similar event.

"We're looking to do some fun things with them in the near future," Pitbull reveals. "To show the fusion of what they did, because what they did back in the day was very groundbreaking. Not only the record but the video was amazing.  So, we look to do the same now, and, I would say, recreate history."  Stay tuned.

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