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Imagine Dragons, Bon Jovi, David Guetta, Mumford & Sons Offer Cool Vinyl Goodies for Record Store Day 

RecordStoreDay.comListening to your music on an iPod is so sterile and impersonal.  Why not dig out your parents' turntable and go old school?  Saturday is the sixth annual Record Store Day, when independent record stores around the country offer fans cool, limited-edition singles, EPs and LPs, all on vinyl.  That's right -- the stuff everyone used to listen to before CDs and digital downloads were invented.

While most artists releasing records on Saturday are either alternative acts or classic rockers, there a few pop artists who are getting into the act.  Bon Jovi, for example, is offering a 12" picture disc feature four live cuts, including "Livin' on a Prayer."  David Guetta has a four-track vinyl EP of exclusive remixes of his hits "Titanium," "Without You" and others. 

Meanwhile, Imagine Dragons and Mumford & Sons are both offering fans live albums that were actually recorded in independent record stores. 

Carrie Colliton -- co-founder of Record Store Day -- tells ABC News Radio, "Mumford & Sons went to a record store in Maine called Bull Moose... and they recorded an in-store [performance], and it's being released on CD and vinyl.  Imagine Dragons did the same thing at a record store in Colorado and that's pretty exciting.” 

By the way, it's not just shopping opportunities that await you if you take a trip down to your local record store on Saturday.  As Colliton explains, "Every single store plans their own events and they range from barbeques and cookout to major concerts,” says Colliton. “Most of the stores have some form of live music going on, and most of the stores will also have free party favors, promotional things to give to their customers.”

Visit to see the full list of every artist who's got a special release this year.

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