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"Voice" Coach Blake Says His Wife Had to "Educate" Him on Shakira & Usher's Music 

Trae Patton/NBCJust because someone is a judge or coach on a music show doesn't mean they're an expert in every genre of music.  Take Voice coach Blake Shelton, for example.  The country star didn't have an encyclopedic knowledge of the music of fellow coaches Shakira or Usher...until his wife set him straight.

At a press event this week, Blake told reporters that his country superstar wife, Miranda Lambert, spent "three hours one night, I swear to God, three hours...educating me on Shakira and Usher."  It's not like Blake had never heard of the two singers, but Miranda felt he didn't know enough.

"[She's] showing me videos, playing me [their hits]...she's like 'You don't appreciate [them]!' I was like, 'No, they're awesome, babe! I swear to God, they're awesome, I know they are!'" Blake laughed.  "She's like, 'No! Look at this video!'  I swear I saw all of their videos, I listened to all their hits, that's been the last week of my life!"

When Shakira, who was also at the press event, told Blake "sorry" for his having to go through all that, Blake quipped, "Are you kidding me?  I saw your videos!  Why would you say you're sorry?"


ABC News Radio