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Darius Rucker Planning Hunting Trip with "Duck Dynasty" Star Jase Robertson

Darius Rucker has become pretty tight with Jase Robertson and the Duck Dynasty crew ever since he recruited them to appear in his "Wagon Wheel" video.  Darius is a big fan of the show, and he's trying to convince Jase to take him duck hunting soon.

He says, "That’s something I’ve never done, and I’ve always wanted to do.  I didn’t have a dad growing up, or anything.  It’s just something I didn’t do."

Jase points out that they'll need a lot of gear to go duck hunting, including boats, motors, shells, guns, guides and most importantly, beards.

Jase jokes that Darius has more of a psychiatrist look going on with his bald head.

"We've got to rough it up a little bit," Jase says to Darius.

He adds, "The good thing is, we put all that face paint on, you ain’t gotta worry about that.”

Darius replies with a big laugh, "I don’t need it.  I’m good to go!"

The best part of duck hunting for Jase is actually eating the birds they hunt.

Jase says, "They’re the ribeye of the sky.  The best fast food you can eat.  You know, ducks can fly up to 70 miles an hour."

You can see Jase and the Duck Dynasty crew in Darius's "Wagon Wheel" video online now.  It's the first single Darius's new album, True Believers, coming out May 21.

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