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Pink: The Reason Why "Just Give Me a Reason" Had to Be a Duet's album The Truth About Love continues to spin off hits: "Just Give Me A Reason," the album's third single, has just reached the top five, and has topped the million mark in digital sales.  The song is a duet between Pink and Nate Ruess of fun., but she says when she, Nate and producer Jeff Bhasker wrote it, they didn't expect it to be one.

"Originally, it was just a songwriting session and just to see what came out of it," she explains. "We just sort of were tooling around and we wrote this first verse -- the three of us -- and then I kinda took it home. It was originally just supposed to be me, and I was like, 'No, this is a story. This is  a conversation.  This song, it needs the other perspective.'"

By "perspective," Pink means the point of view of the other person in the relationship that the song is describing.

"I find that there's always one person in the relationship that's feeling a lot more than the other person," she explains. "And I feel like sometimes, I'm like, 'The way you passed me the butter this morning, I feel like we're gonna be over in a month and we need to talk!' And he's like, "I just passed you the butter.  What are you talking about?" And that's how I felt the song should go."

Pink felt that Nate, whose voice she loves, would be the perfect person to sing the "boy" part of the song, though he didn't want to do it at first.

"It was interesting," she laughs. "You know, he was like, 'I'll just [sing on] the demo 'cause I don't know about duets,' and I totally tricked him into doing it!"  And I'm so glad I was able to 'cause no one could have done it better, and I think now he's very happy that he did it."

"I think it's a beautiful song," Pink adds. "I'm really, really proud of it."

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