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Barry Gibb Reveals His Wife Convinced Him to Tour Again

Sayre BermanBarry Gibb was ready to retire following the death of his three younger brothers Andy and fellow Bee Gees Maurice and Robin, but he says his wife convinced him to continue his career.

Following the death of brother Robin last year, Gibb returned to the stage earlier this year in Australia with his Mythology tour.  The show will hit the United Kingdom in the fall.  He tells the U.K. paper The Sun, “This is all down to my wife.  She told me to get off my backside and stop going along with the whole idea that everything was finished for me.  She said, ‘You’ve got music, so make music!’”

Gibb explains the pain of losing his brothers was nearly unbearable.  “None of my brothers made retirement age," he says.

But Gibb is keeping music a family business.  His touring band includes his eldest son Stephen on guitar, and Maurice’s daughter Sam on vocals.

The last remaining Bee Gee admits performing without his brothers has been extremely difficult. “On stage is hard," Gibb says. "One minute you feel they’re right with you, the next you know you’ve got to pull something off yourself." However he is comforted by the warm receptions he's received from the sold out crowds. "The audiences have been incredible, they’ve been so supportive. They’re finding closure as well.”

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