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Guitarist Stone Gossard Says Side Projects Help “Challenge” Pearl Jam to Make Better Music

Photo: Karen LoriaPearl Jam's 10th album is taking a long time to finish, which is probably due to the fact that all of the band's members have been working on side projects.  Guitarist Stone Gossard says the delay in getting fans the new material is a positive thing, because their experiences experimenting on music outside of thegroup are helping the guys to reach new heights on their forthcoming album.

"I think that you bring your whole skill set to Pearl Jam," he tells ABC News Radio.  "When you are trying to make a record and you want it to be cool, something you might have learned on one of your solo songs or one of your side projects, you're gonna bring that skill back to the band.  So it's a win-win for Pearl Jam to have everybody exploring outside of the band."

Gossard adds that the album will be worth the wait, and that fans can expect Pearl Jam to explore some new creative avenues on the upcoming release.  "If we were just doing the same thing over and over again it would get a little stale," he points out.  "I think everyone really continues to wanna push themselves and be challenged and to challenge other people in the band to kind of continue to get better, and hopefully that's reflected in the music."

The guitarist says he's hopeful that the album will arrive in stores sometime during 2013, but fans shouldn't necessarily count on it.  "I'm optimistic that it'll be [released] this year, but you never know," he notes.  "We're not done yet, so until we're actually done -- and done means not only is the music done but then the artwork's done and then the marketing plan is done and all of that stuff -- so I'm guessing it'll be out this year but it could be next."

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