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Solange Covers Complex Magazine's June-July Issue

Photo Courtesy of Complex on InstagramLong before Cee Lo was doling out advice on The Voice, he was schooling Solange.  She tells Complex in its June-July cover story that Cee Lo provided her with a valuable lesson back in 2008, when he collaborated with her on her Sandcastle Disco album.

"The first day it was a chill-out zone," Solange says.  "The second day it was a chill-out zone. The third day I'm like, 'Okay, when are we going to work?'" 

His response was simple.  "He said, 'I cannot work like an assembly line,'" Solange recalls. "'We can't put this with that and just click it in place and it’s just gonna work.  We gotta talk.  We gotta vibe.  We gotta see what’s up with each other before we can open ourselves up to sharing these ideas and intimate moments.'"

At the time, Solange says she could only think of how much money their studio time was costing.  "That has stuck with me," Solange tells Complex. "'This can’t be like a factory.'  If there’s seven days, he felt like we needed those three days first."

Years later when Solange began collaborating with producer Dev Hynes, she let things happen organically.  They spent a year together, working on a project that would later shape up to be Solange's 2012 EP True.  "We were either staying in a rented house or he was staying with me, my boyfriend, and my son," says Solange, who is dating director Alan Ferguson.  According to Complex, the two were introduced by Janelle Monae.

Solange tells the magazine that she's looking forward to working on her upcoming full-length album.  It's not clear yet when fans can expect the project.  Solange says, "It’s just about putting the music out when it’s ready.  When I wake up in the morning, I get dressed for myself, I listen to what I wanna listen to, I make decisions for me..."

The June-July issue of Complex features Solange in a red-hot photo spread.  She shows some skin, posing in red high heels and a red, sleeveless leotard.

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