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Bruno Mars Can't Wait 'Til He Becomes "Huge & Bloated"

Kai Z. Feng/Atlantic RecordsRight now, Bruno Mars is a trim guy who's in great shape, as you can probably tell from his energetic onstage performances.  But the singer says he's looking forward to the day when he becomes an overweight parody of himself, sort of like his idol, Elvis Presley.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Bruno, who'll launch his Moonshine Jungle tour next month, says he foresees himself performing onstage years in the future, even though he no longer looks and sounds good.

"I would love to go away for a while and then be able to write a song that I feel just as strongly about as I did with ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ or ‘When I Was Your Man," he laughs.  "I can’t wait for the reunion tour when I’m just huge and bloated, singin’ my songs seven keys down in Palm Springs.  And it's gonna happen!"

Bruno's Moonshine Jungle tour launches June 22 in Washington, D.C., and he says unlike some pop artists, he doesn't plan to go overboard on the special effects when it comes to his concert production.  You won't see him flying around the stage, for example.

"I don’t think I would feel too comfortable like, wearing a harness,” he laughs.  "I want the music and the sound to be rockin’, more important than the visual effects and tricks or whatnot.  I don’t want to get lost in that."

He adds, "I’ve definitely seen bands before they made money kind of change their thing on the next tour, and I prefer it when it’s a little more raw.  We always change it up, you know?  It’s live, and that’s a big element of the show.”

Bruno also doesn't want to look out into the audience and see people watching the show through their smartphones.  He recently tweeted, "At the shows I want to see faces. I want to be able to sing to you. I want you to dance with us world. Put the phones down and lets dance!"

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