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Pitbull Says He'll Bring "Crazy Freaky Fun" to Joint Tour with Ke$ha Worldwide and K-Dolla are bringing the party to you this summer.  Pitbull and Ke$ha's joint tour kicks off Thursday night in Mansfield, Massachusetts, and it seems like quite a production: Ke$ha promises "glitter, beards, balls and laser beams," while Pitbull says he'll contribute some "crazy freaky fun."

So how did this odd couple end up as a double bill?  Pitbull tells ABC News Radio that fans have wanted them to collaborate for a long time.  "People have been asking us, when are we going to do something together? So, crazy thing is that we are actually doing a tour together before we do a record together," Pitbull laughs. 

As for why he thinks she's a great tour partner, Pit explains, "She has a great vibe, great music, and I think it's a great segue where we can both finish it off together with a lot of energy."  He suggests that fans who attend will really be able to, as his latest hit says, "feel the moment."

At this point, fans know what to expect from Pitbull's live performances: in the past two weeks, they've seen him perform on the American Idol finale, the Dancing with the Stars finale and the Billboard Music Awards. Asked if he feels he'll need to step up his production to compete with Ke$ha's clouds of glitter and lasers, Pit says he's not into that kind of one-upmanship. 

"I'm not here to compete. I'm not here to complicate. I'm here to compliment," he explains.  "Whatever she does on stage, I watch, I learn, I study. But that's not going to change what we bring to the stage. And what we bring is global music, a lot of fun, a lot of energy, and I just bring that old-school Miami bass -- crazy, freaky, fun!"

But will Ke$ha's fanatical fans, who she calls "animals," mix well with Pitbull's crowd?  He says there's no reason why they wouldn't, since they're all going to be at the concert for the same thing: good music.

"Music, at the end of the day connects everybody," he tells ABC News Radio. "So it's all about them having a good time and escaping, and Ke$ha's got great music, I think we have great music also. So...I may pick up some fans from Ke$ha, she may pick up some fans from us, and that's what it's all about."

So is an onstage collaboration in the cards for the tour, which runs through the end of June?  The rapper won't say.

"It's up in the air, you know? God knows what we're going to end up doing," he says. "She seems like a lot of fun, I've met her a couple of times, she has a great attitude, and also I'm hearing a great work ethic. So, looking forward to it, but there are definitely going to be some surprises!"

If you can't get enough Pitbull, he provides one of the voices in Epic, the animated family film that's opening this weekend.

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