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Metallica's Lars Ulrich Says Trip to Cannes Is About Keeping 3D Film "Independent"

Tim Mosenfelder/WireImageMetallica recently partnered with Exclusive Media to screen and shop the band's upcoming 3D film, Through the Never, at the Cannes Film Festival in order to find an international distributor for the flick. Drummer Lars Ulrich says his trip to Cannes wasn't about finding a way to rake in some cash; it was about maintaining control over how their movie is presented.

"We are fighting fiercely to keep this as independent as possible," he tells New York magazine.  "It's not a greed thing or a financial thing, so much as, if it says Metallica on it, then you'll know that it came from us.  We can look our fans straight in the eye and go, 'We did our best and it's straight from us to you.'"

The band recently unveiled a one-minute trailer for Through the Never that features scenes of In Treatment actor Dane DeHaan getting into a car accident and then running from a group of masked, weapon-wielding attackers.  Ulrich notes that the upcoming concert film will focus heavily on DeHaan's story, which accompanies a number of live performances from Metallica.

"[DeHaan] works the Metallica gig as a runner and he's sent on an errand that leads to many, many bad things that happen to him on his journey through this unnamed city," Ulrich explains.  "So we follow his journey through the night and we keep cutting back to the Metallica concert, which is, I guess, the anchor of the film, but it's really about his journey."

Through the Never will premiere exclusively at every IMAX theater across North America for a full week starting September 27, after which it'll expand into additional theaters starting October 4.

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