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Justin Bieber Exits Dubai Nightclub...on the Roof of an SUV

Image Courtesy Justin Bieber via TwitterAnother city, another nightclub incident for Justin Bieber.  After receiving dispensation to enter a nightclub in Dubai over the weekend despite being too young to drink, the singer then exited the club and departed the premises riding on the roof of an SUV.

According to the Arab news site, Movida, the nightclub, allowed Justin and his entourage inside with the understanding that Justin would not drink.  The legal age to consume alcohol in Dubai is 21; Justin is 19.  Club manager Richard Haddon told the site that Justin, who had an entourage of about 20, including four security guards, "enjoyed himself" at the nightspot, but left after 45 minutes after being denied alcohol.

"It was a bit of a surprise [he left]," said Haddon, noting that Justin's management had been made aware that he wouldn't be served. "He’s obviously one of those people who his management don’t find easy to control," Haddon added.

But it was what Justin did after he left the club that raised the most eyebrows: according to Haddon, he rode on the rooftop of an SUV as it drove away.  "There were a lot of people who were outside [watching]...he obviously knows how to get publicity," said the club manager.   Police officials reportedly denied knowledge of the incident.

The nightclub incident happened before the other big Dubai setback for Justin: he was nearly tackled during his Sunday night concert by a stage invader, and his piano got knocked over.  One of his band members confirmed on Twitter that it was not a publicity stunt.

Justin next performs in Capetown, South Africa on Wednesday.

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