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Plain White T's Tim Lopez Found a Match on Yanked Reality Show "Ready for Love" the wake of Adam Levine's Voice superstardom, it seems like a good move for a band to let one of their members star on a reality TV show.  And if while starring on that reality show your band mate can find true love, well, that's a bonus.  Just ask the Plain White T's.

Plain White T's guitarist Tim Lopez -- that's him singing lead on their hit "Rhythm of Love" -- was one of the three bachelors featured on the NBC dating show Ready for Love, produced by Eva Longoria.  Though the show has been yanked off the schedule, which Tim calls "a bummer," he reveals that there's a happy ending for him: he did meet the girl of his dreams and nine months after the taping ended, they're still together and "in love," he says.

"It would've been cool to let everybody on network TV follow the story, but you can find it online at and I think they're actually still looking for a home for it on TV," Tim tells ABC News Radio.  "So I'm sure it'll find it's place. It's a great show."

Tim ended up on Ready for Love because he was friendly with one of the producers and his name came up during the casting talks.  He says they were intrigued by having a actual touring musician as one of the three contestants, and Eva liked him, so he was in.  As for why he wanted to do it, Tim says the prospect of having women hand-selected just for him by three super high-end matchmakers was way too tempting to turn down.

"I wouldn't have gone to those lengths but to have them for free was awesome," he tells ABC News Radio.  "So I felt like it was an opportunity that you can't pass up."  He also said he's in a place right now where wants to "do things that are uncomfortable" in order to push himself.  "This seemed like a great opportunity to step outside the comfort zone and do something that sounded really fun," he tells ABC News Radio.

But how did the rest of the Plain White T's react when Tim asked them to put their music on hold for three months while he taped the show?  Well, at first, they were a little wary.  Lead singer Tom Higgenson tells ABC News Radio, "It's that weird thing where it's like, 'Well, how is this gonna make the band look?'...But in the end it was Tim's decision."

Adds Tom, "If he wanted to put himself out there like that, the last thing we wanted to do was say no, or not let him do something."

It turned out to be the right decision, since Tim's appearance on the show has really boosted recognition of the group: fans know their hits like "Hey There Delilah," but not necessarily their faces.  Now, though, Tim says, "I get stopped all the time now, mainly because they've seen me on the show, but they're always like, 'You're in the Plain White T's!  Can we get a photo?'"

While Ready for Love plays out online, Plain White T's have a brand new four-song EP out called Should've Gone to Bed, which is a teaser for their upcoming studio album.  One of the songs, "Haven't Told Her," is all about Tim's new reality-show love, who'll remain anonymous until the show's final episode is released.

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