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Rod Stewart Answers All Questions on Twitter...Even About His Manhood

RodStewart.comRod Stewart jumped on Twitter for about an hour on Tuesday to answer questions from his devoted fans, and he didn't hold anything back, even when the questions turned to things of, er, a very personal nature.

During the session, one fan actually queried the legendary singer about the size of his manhood, asking whether or not it was true that he was well-endowed.  Instead of ignoring such a rude question, Stewart actually responded, saying that his, uh, equipment is "not big...but pretty," adding, "so my wife says."  This, of course, caused fans to clamor for Rod to prove it with a picture, but thankfully, he didn't do that.

Stewart also fielded questions about the craziest thing he and wife Penny have ever done -- having sex in a cemetery, apparently -- and who he'd most like to duet with.  "Elton John," he wrote. "We're on a love fest at the moment." 

Asked how he feels about sex before marriage, he responded, "I think it's mandatory."  When one fan wondered why he had eight kids, he responded, "I didn't have a television!"   But when another fan wanted advice on how to be an "international shagger," Rod replied, "the times have changed, I can't give you advice on that ;)."

Stewart also revealed his favorite breakfast -- porridge and sardines on toast -- and explained why he doesn't play his older, more-obscure numbers in concert. "It's very difficult choosing a set list," he explained.  "I try to give people what I believe they want to hear." 

Of course, Rod also spoke about his new album, Time, and asked to describe it in three words, he said, "Personal, happy, heartfelt.  Hope you like it."

And to one extremely rude fan, who asked him, "Why did you break up [your old band] The Faces to become a leopard print legging wearing, fake Scottish a***hole covers artist?," he simply responded, "Eat your heart out!"

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