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Zac Brown Reveals the Origins of His Custom-Made Human Catapult

Southern GroundZac Brown Band went back to the beach for their latest video, "Jump Right In," and this time they came armed with a human catapult.  You can see people being thrown into the water by the contraption, which was built by the guys in front man Zac Brown's personal machine shop.

"We make knives and other stuff like human catapults," Zac says. "I called them and told 'em that I needed a human catapult, and two weeks later, there it was."

The idea for the catapult was born a few years ago when a then-unknown Zac performed on the weekends at his restaurant back in Georgia.  In order to entice customers to come back and see his set, Zac promised patrons they'd have a human catapult to launch people into the lake that weekend.

He says, "It was kind of a joke, and then it came true."

Having the power to just order up a human catapult for the "Jump Right In" video is a big milestone for Zac.

"There was a moment when I was standing out there launching people into the water thinking, 'I've made it,'" he says with a laugh.

"Jump Right In" is the latest single from Zac Brown Band's album, Uncaged, now in stores.

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