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Taylor Swift Says Her Perfumes Have Moved from "Fantasy" to "Reality"

Photo Credit: Sarah BarlowTaylor Swift has created three perfumes for women: Wonderstruck, Wonderstruck Enchanted, and her brand-new scent, Taylor by Taylor Swift.  Why hasn't she done one for guys?  Maybe it's because how men smell isn't something she's really focused on.

Asked by People magazine whether she prefers guys who wear cologne, or guys who just go au naturel, Taylor replied, "I’d just prefer them to be good people. I’ll start with that.”

As for her new perfume, Taylor says it represents a break from the "day-dreamy, romantic kind-of departure, in a kind of a dream land" feel of Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted.  Instead, she says, Taylor by Taylor Swift is a bracing dose of the real world.

"There’s been sort of a progression between fantasy and reality," explains Taylor, "I think this perfume just really follows that progression. It would take place in my day-to-day life if that makes’s sort of who I am and embodies my personality and my style."

Taylor feels the same way about her current RED tour -- she recently explained that she rejected the fairytale themes of her last tour for more edgy, modern costumes and sets that feel like they're actually happening in a city, in the present day, rather than in some kind of enchanted castle.

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