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Paul McCartney Drummer Says Rock Legend's Next Album Will Feature "a Lot of Different Styles"

MJ Kim/MPL Communications Ltd.For quite a few months, news reports have been trickling out about Paul McCartney's upcoming studio album suggesting that it will offer an eclectic mix of styles.  Now, McCartney's longtime touring drummer, Abe Laboriel Jr., has offered some hints of his own about what fans can expect from the record.

In a recent interview with The Boston Globe, Laboriel reveals that Sir Paul has assembled "a wealth of material" for the new collection, which he confirms includes "a lot of different styles."

The 42-year-old beat keeper adds the McCartney's new music is "very youthful -- aggressively rock at times, and singer-songwriter, insular and intimate, at others."

Laboriel also notes that the former Beatles legend seems to constantly be coming up ideas for new tunes.

"Even if he's making a little fruit salad, he's humming a tune or whistling away," Abe explains.  "The music doesn't stop around him.  It's beautiful."

The drummer also points out that even though he's 71, McCartney continues to have incredible stamina when he's performing on stage.  He notes that after their shows, which usually run close to three hours' long, "I'm completely wiped out.  I've run the marathon.  It's amazing -- he's still bouncing around."

Laboriel suggests that McCartney's resilience is tied to just how much he loves to perform, which, he maintains, "gives us confidence that there's no sign of this gig slowing down."

McCartney's next concert takes place Friday at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.  No word yet about when the new album might be arriving.

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