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Randy Houser Is Booking Big Gigs, Thanks to Radio Success

Stoney Creek RecordsRandy Houser is back in the top 10 with his latest hit, "Runnin' Outta Moonlight," the follow-up to his #1 hit, "How Country Feels." While Randy is thrilled his with his success at radio, he's even more excited about the concerts he's booking as a result of those hits.

Randy tells ABC News Radio, "The biggest thing is more people will care about actually hiring us to come play music, which is what we got into this in the first place for."

The more concerts Randy plays, the more money goes into his band members' pockets. He never forgets all those guys are feeding their families with that money.

"This is like a construction company that gets a job building something," Randy explains. "We really have to think of it in those terms in a lot of ways, which is kind of pitiful, and kind of not what the public really wants to hear, but it's very true. It's just like any business."

After years of playing concerts and working to be recognized, Randy has to admit having these hits is pretty sweet.  He says with a laugh, "The biggest thing is just the honor of having actually somebody givin' a crap."

Randy and his band take the stage in Hastings, NE this Thursday.

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