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Gavin DeGraw Says Train Tour Is the "Best Case Scenario" for Him This Summer DeGraw is currently out on the road with Train, where he's been treating fans to live performances of his brand new single, "Best I Ever Had."  It's the first single from his upcoming album, due in September, which has the working title of Make a Move.  And Gavin says he's happy to be able to be part of a tour that seems to fit him to a tee, musically and personally. "It couldn't have been a better lineup for me, as far as what I'm doing and the time that I'm doing it in right now," he tells ABC News Radio.

In addition to Gavin, the Train tour also features The Script and Michael Franti, as well as singer Ashley Monroe.  Gavin says,  "The cross-section of that audience is really right up my alley, so I think my audience is open to their songs and their sound.  In that way, I think it's really a best-case scenario and I think that the personalities are a good group of personalities backstage as well."

In the case of Train, Gavin says that he admires them for the fact at they've kept their career going for so long, and are more popular than ever.  "They really are a great example of an act that really put the time in, had great success, had a bit of a lull as far as like having the huge, huge, huge, huge pop hits, and then came back bigger than ever," he says, noting that it's "incredibly encouraging" to see their success.

"The fact is, you want to root for an act like that," he adds.

But despite how much he likes all the other acts on the tour, it doesn't mean that he'll be hanging out every night partying with them and jamming 'til dawn. After all, he says, he's got his voice to think about.

"I do more and less hanging out depending on how busy I am on the tour, just because you're doing so many dates, and as a singer, ultimately, you're going to tire out," Gavin explains.

He laughs, "You're just hoping that if you can tailor some of your other fun time, that you can get though it all, and get it done well, so that when your fans are showing up and those other audiences are showing up who don't know who you are, when they hear you, they go, 'Hey, he's really good!' versus 'Hey, he sounds really tired!'"

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