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American Idols Live Tour Gets Underway Friday in Washington year's American Idols Live tour was supposed to have kicked off June 29 in St. Louis, but that show, as well as a week's worth of additional concerts, were scrapped last month.  The tour will now begin Friday in Kent, Washington, wrapping up in Nashville on August 31, and attendance will likely be closely monitored, given this year's lackluster Idol season.

But the 11 finalists who'll be hitting the road on Friday -- including winner Candice Glover, runner-up Kree Harrison and third-place finisher Angie Miller -- are still thrilled that they'll be able to have the opportunity to sing for so many people every night, not to mention the chance to meet those who made them famous: the fans who voted for them.

Asked what she's most looking forward to about the tour, Kree tells ABC News Radio, "First of all, being able to thank every single person I can out on the road for being so supportive to all of us."  Angie agrees, saying, "Meeting all the fans who got us here: without them, we wouldn't be here so meeting them is gonna be amazing."

Candice, Kree and Angie are also getting the chance to perform their debut singles on tour.  Angie says, "That's gonna be awesome," while Kree says it's "crazy" that she'll not only be performing her very own tune, but that "we get to sing every single night to thousands of people."

This past season, many Idol-watchers complained that there were far too many ballads performed, so the opportunity to show that they can do much more is another thing the finalists are looking forward to. 

"I wanna have the intimate moments," explains Kree. "Then, y'know, I also wanna get the crowd going."  Amber Holcomb, who came in fourth, can't wait to bust out some uptempo songs.  "I'm most definitely gonna do more upbeat 'cause that's what I see myself as an artist," she tells ABC News Radio. "Y'know, I see myself dancing. I wanna be a performer, so I'm gonna polish myself on tour."

The opportunity for some major female bonding is also something that the girls are psyched about, since there'll be six of them: the top five -- Angie, Candice, Amber, Kree and Janelle Arthur -- as well as Aubrey Cleland, who was voted by the fans onto the tour.

"We already are, like, obsessed with each other," laughs Amber. "But I mean we're gonna spend the whole summer together on a bus, so we're gonna like have like a lot more girl talks and a lot more bonding and things like that."  Angie adds, "The tour bus is gonna be crazy, I can't imagine six girls on a tour bus but it's gonna be so awesome, we're gonna make so many memories."

And Kree hopes they'll all be able to translate those memories into songs that will appear on their future debut albums.  "I think we all will work on our stuff while on tour," she tells ABC News Radio. "I mean just thinking about all of the inspiration that we're gonna get being on tour, that's gonna be easy to write songs together and's gonna be fun!"

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