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Dionne Warwick Joining Stevie Wonder in Trayvon Martin-Inspired Concert Boycott

DionneWarwick.netDionne Warwick is joining her friend Stevie Wonder in refusing to perform in Florida because of the state's stand-your-ground law, which some people believe was a factor in the recent acquittal of Trayvon Martin's killer, George Zimmerman.  Wonder announced during a July 14 concert in Quebec City, Canada, that he wouldn't perform in Florida or any other state with the legislation on the books until the law is abolished.

Warwick posted a message on her Twitter account Wednesday that reads, "My dear friend Stevie Wonder has decided to boycott Florida until they abolish its Stand Your Ground gun law.  I am joining you, my friend."

She then added in a later tweet that she also was "boycotting all states with that law.  Unacceptable."

The singing legend's announcement apparently provoked a negative reaction from some of her online followers, which prompted her to post a new message in response.

"I'm sorry that so many of you have so much to say about my personal opinion," she wrote on Thursday.  "Please channel that energy into being productive today. Xoxo."

On July 13, Zimmerman, a neighborhood-watch coordinator, was found not guilty of all charges brought against him after he shot and killed the unarmed 17-year-old Martin during a confrontation last year in Sanford, Florida.

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