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Large Katy Perry Poster Causes Trouble for Michigan College Students

Emma Summerton/EMI Music GroupA larger-than-life poster of Katy Perry has caused a minor rift between some Michigan State University students and East Lansing officials.

According to, it all started when eight students hung the 90-square-foot poster -- a gift from one of their grandmothers -- in the front of their rental home in August of 2012. They took it down the subsequent winter, but the poster made a comeback in the spring.

In June, an officer from East Lansing's Parking and Code Enforcement informed the students that a resident had complained about the poster and that it violated a city code. The students were instructed to remove the poster.

One of the students, Adam Dimitry, says he and his housemates spoke to a couple of city departments, and "Everyone had a different reason why they wanted us to take the sign down -- it was flammable, it was blocking windows, it wasn't mounted anywhere. All those were false, and we were quite upset."

Nevertheless, the students complied with the order, and took down the poster. However, they launched a petition on

To make a long story short, they reached an agreement with a community development analyst for the city that will permit them to hang the poster on football weekends. It must be taken down by the following Monday.

Dimitry would like to think that Katy would be happy with the students’ efforts to protect their poster. He says, "We're big fans. She's a creative artist and a very beautiful woman, and we'd be proud to have her support."

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