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Huey Lewis Calls for Ban on Pre-Recorded Music During Sporting Events

Paradise ArtistsThe man who brought you the chart-topping 1980s album Sports has a problem with today's sports.  Huey Lewis has penned a piece for the music-themed website in which he states his case for why pre-recorded music should be banned from sporting events, specifically baseball games.  His argument is that it "has begun to seriously degrade the experience of going to a ballgame."

The singer lists several reasons why he feels this way.  Firstly, Lewis thinks pre-recorded music drowns out the natural sounds heard at a ballpark, like the crack of the bat, the chatter of the fans and the vendors selling their goods.

Not only is the pre-recorded music loud, Huey says, but the quality is poor because of the way the speakers are set up at the ballpark.

Lewis maintains that the best part about a pre-recorded music ban would be that it would "do away with those over-played theme songs that annoy and belittle athletes and audiences alike."  He cites "Wheels on the Bus" as one example.

Huey is an advocate for live music during a sporting event, whether it come from an organist or a local music group.  He writes, "The worst live organist is better than the best pre-recorded music."

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