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Katy Perry Unveils "Own the Throne" Ad for New Killer Queen Fragrance Perry's latest fragrance is called Killer Queen, after the song of the same name by the legendary rock band Queen, and she's made the royal-sounding moniker the centerpiece of the ad campaign. 

Via Twitter and Facebook, she unveiled the scent's slogan --- "Own the Throne" -- and an ad which features her as a very sexy monarch. In the ad, she's shown wearing a short red strapless dress, lace-up patent leather boots and a jewel-encrusted crown.  She's holding a scepter, and sitting on a red velvet and gold throne, which has been tipped to the side, in an ornate room that looks like it's in a palace.  Another crown, similar to the type a male king would wear, lies on the floor in front of her.

The "Own the Throne" campaign will officially launch on TV on August 24, according to Women's Wear Daily, and will also be featured in the September issues of all the big magazines.  The perfume itself arrives in August in 3,000 U.S. department and specialty stores. 

As for what it smells like, WWD reports that it has top notes of wild berry, dark plum and bergamot. The main scent is red velvet flower, jasmine and rainbow plumeria, and when it dries, it smells like patchouli and liquid praline.

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