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Frank Ocean Pens Open Letter; Talks Tour, New Music and More

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Frank Ocean is currently overseas for his You're Not Dead tour, but he took time out to craft an open letter on his Tumblr page.

The singer wrote a lengthy post to let fans know about various topics, including his mental state and the purpose of his international shows.

At the time of the post, Frank was in Belgium, seven dates into his outing.  He explained, "I'd tour for a year if it didn’t interrupt my recording or my weekend driving."

The busy singer, who contributed to Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail and Kanye West's Yeezus, wished for more downtime to be able to better enjoy his time on the road.  "I really wanted to go to Cairo in between Europe and Australia.. might let things settle some.. go to [S]outh Africa instead and place some flowers on a gate for the president," he wrote.

With his hectic schedule, things can become a bit of a blur.  To help keep track of his thoughts as he moves from city to city, his tour manager gave him a "small powder blue book" with "gold embossed lettering on the cover that reads ‘one line a day'"  He wrote, "It’s easier than you’d think to narrow the entire cinema of your day into one sentence."

In addition, he wants everyone to know that the purpose of his current trek has nothing to do with label obligations or promoting the follow-up to channel ORANGE.

"All the travel isn’t in support of an album or anything like that really- past or ahead. there’s no label or touring firm dollars involved. all pennies from my pocket. in support of some odd daydream," Frank shared.

The crooner's letter comes after fans posted footage from his show in Munich, Germany where he treated the crowd to three new, slow-tempo tunes.

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