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Madonna, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift Make "Rolling Stone's" List of the "50 Greatest Live Acts Right Now"

Kevin Mazur/WireImageWith concert tickets so expensive these days, who are the acts out there who are definitely worth spending your hard-earned cash on?  The ones who deliver night after night, and give you your money's worth no matter what?  Rolling Stone magazine polled industry insiders, writers and musicians to find out...and some of pop music's biggest names figure on the mag's newly-released list of the "50 Greatest Live Acts Right Now."

It's no surprise that Madonna's on the list: she had last year's highest-grossing tour.   What is surprising is that she's only #30 out of 50, but perhaps that's because the list is heavily weighted in favor of rock. She is, however, the highest-ranked pop star.

"Madonna sets the gold standard for pop tours, combining the precision of a Broadway spectacular with the theatricality of an action flick and the raunchiness of a burlesque show," the magazine notes, giving the Queen of Pop kudos for singing live and dancing her "well-toned ass off."  The magazine also says the highlight of any Madonna show is always "Like a Prayer."

Beyonce comes in at #33 on the list: "her choreography is pristine, her all-girl band is perfect and her confidence is punishing," says Rolling Stone, not to mention her amazing vocals.  Bruno Mars is in at #35, and the magazine notes that he "walks the old-school walk and talks the sexy talk...but he also nails the hits."

Mumford & Sons are in at #43, because they "make their shows as uplifting and fervent as possible," writes Rolling Stone.   Lady Gaga's #45, thanks to her "huge sets, massive choreography, epic speeches about overcoming obstacles...her ability to dance in foot-high platforms...killer pipes and effortless piano playing."

Taylor Swift just misses the bottom ranking, coming in at #49, because she "knows just the right dose of hooks, glitter, and stories about her famous exes to whip arena crowds into a teary frenzy."  According to Rolling Stone, she's got a special talent for "every fan in the house feel like they have a very tall, very talented BFF who just wants to hang for a few hours and gab about boys 'n' stuff."

Other acts who made the top 10 on the list include The Rolling Stones, Jay-Z, Prince and, coming in at #1...Bruce Springsteen.

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