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Celebrity Twitter Grammar: Maroon 5 Gets an A+, Nicki Minaj Gets a D+ 

Tyler Golden/NBCWhen it comes to celebrities sharing their thoughts in 140 characters or less, musicians are the group who do the worst job when it comes to grammar.  That's according to, a writing enhancement app, which ranked the top celebrities on Twitter in terms of how many grammatical mistakes they make overall. 

Of course, some musicians use language much better than others.  Based on an examination of the 25 most recent tweets by the top 100 musicians on Twitter,  Grammarly found that:

--Female musicians make fewer writing errors, but male musicians are better spellers.

--Older musicians make fewer writing errors than younger musicians; musicians in the 40s are very bad spellers.

--Hip-hop stars make the most writing mistakes, followed by R&B artists.  Latin musicians make the fewest mistakes, followed by pop musicians.

--Rock stars are the best spellers; hip-hop stars are the worst.  Hip-hop stars are also the worst at grammar, followed by country stars.  Latin musicians are the best.

But what about the musicians themselves?  Who remembers what they were taught in school?  According to Grammarly, the star with the fewest writing mistakes, including spelling and grammar, per 100 words is...Beyonce.  She only makes 2.1 mistakes per 100 words.  Next is Coldplay, with 2.8 mistakes, followed by Maroon 5 with 3.5 mistakes, and One Direction, with 3.5 mistakes.

As for those who'd surely flunk out if they were in school, Jersey Shore alum DJ Pauly D is the worst: he makes 55.6 mistakes per 100 words. Snoop Dogg is next, with 35.8 mistakes.  Others who'd be pulling "D's" in English if Twitter was graded: Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber and Will Smith's son Jaden, who's actually more of an actor than a musician.  Still, no excuse.

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