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Justin's "20/20 Experience" Sequel Is the Reality After the Honeymoon, Says Manager

RCA RecordsIf fans were surprised when, after years of musical silence, Justin Timberlake actually released a new album earlier this year, they were even more surprised when he announced that he'd put out yet another album -- a sequel -- this fall.  So what's the difference between the two?  Apparently, it's all about the mood.

Noting that Justin started out with a collection of about 20 songs, Johnny Wright, Justin's longtime manager, tells Rolling Stone that they were split up based on feel.  "Some of the songs to him felt happy and lively, and some felt kind of dark," he explains. "So we turned the two pieces into, like, seasons."

"Everyone's going to have a different opinion," says Wright. "But for me, the first half is about new love, the honeymoon, when you're just getting into a relationship. And when you get to the second part, the relationship is established and things are going on."

When Rolling Stone asks if that means that The 20/20 Experience is about seduction, whereas The 20/20 Experience: 2 of 2, is about "the reality of a day-to-day relationship," Wright laughs, "Yeah, you could say that."  The 11-song sequel will be out September 30.

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