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Cher's New Album Unveiled in New York City, "Woman's World" Tops Billboard Dance Chart

Warner Bros. RecordsThe diva wasn't there herself, but Cher's long-awaited new album Closer to the Truth was previewed for journalists Thursday night in New York City.  While the disc doesn't include a duet with Lady Gaga, as originally planned, there are two tracks co-written by Pink: one's an emotional ballad, and one's an uptempo number -- overall, the album features plenty of both. 

The first part of the album is stacked with dance-floor anthems, in the vein of "Believe" and "Song for the Lonely."  The latter half features mid-tempo songs and slower numbers, where the lyrics and melodies are highlighted, and where Cher's distinctive voice can be heard at full force, imbuing every word with an emotional heft that can only come from having truly lived, loved and lost.

Cher said on Twitter not long ago that she had a moment of insecurity about her new album -- her first collection of original music in more than a decade --  because she recently listened again to her album Believe and started to compare the two. "It Really does Have Good Songs on it," she wrote of Believe. "All of a Sudden I Got SO Nervous re [Closer to the Truth]."

She shouldn't have worried, since Closer to the Truth is off to a good start: "Woman's World," the first single, has already topped the Billboard dance/club play chart.  The album will be out on September 24.

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