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New Video for Elton John's "Home Again" Takes Viewers on Surreal Journey

The official video for "Home Again," the first single from Elton John's upcoming album The Diving Board, debuted online Thursday.  Elton does not appear in the clip, which takes viewers on a fantastical journey into one man's past.

The video begins with a shot of a worn British coin flying through the air in super-slow motion, past the head of an older gentleman.  The man, who is sitting with a reflective look on his face on a bed in a dingy apartment, then grabs the coin and looks at it before picking up a weathered suitcase and heading out to a quiet city street.

The man walks along the street for a while until he makes his way to a forest.  As he continues, we notice that he's now much younger, perhaps in his early twenties.  The man's journey takes him through the woods, across a stream in a rowboat and out to a country road, where he hitches a ride from a passing car.  Eventually, he gets out of the car and ends up in a breathtaking mountainous region.

We then see that the young man has become a boy of about 10.  He continues his trip through a valley that appears to be lit by hundreds of sparklers.  The child passes a large waterfall, a marsh and unusual seaside rock formations before ascending a hill to his destination -- a rundown house where he apparently grew up.

The video comes to an enigmatic end, with the boy looking at the coin as a giant moon or planet rises above him and moves away from the Earth.

The "Home Again video was directed by Brent Bonacorso and was shot in London, in the rural U.K. and in Iceland. 

The Diving Board will be released September 24.

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