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Gavin DeGraw Smooches Miss USA in New Video

Wade Payne/Picture GroupGavin DeGraw has released the video for his new single "Best I Ever Had," and like the song itself, it's a little fast and frantic, with a bit of romance thrown in.

The singer has tapped Miss U.S.A., Erin Brady, to play his love interest in the clip, and he even gets to smooch her in the end.  For most of the video, though, we just see shots of her in a field looking gorgeous.  That's intercut with footage of Gavin singing in front of a wall.  On it are projected a series of rapidly-changing images, reflecting the song's rapid-fire tumble of lyrics.  There's also a collection of TVs stacked around him, also showing images corresponding with the words.  And Gavin says many of those words were made up on the spot.

As Gavin tells ABC News Radio, he co-wrote the track with songwriter and producer Martin Johnson.  "He started playing this really kinda upbeat, jangley kind of thing...and he's like 'Sing something! Sing something!'" Gavin recalls. "And I said, 'Well, I dunno, whaddya want me to sing?'  He's like, "Anything, just sing, just keep singing stuff 'til it works!'"

Gavin laughs, "So I just kept singing, singing, singing, singing, and the next thing you know we had this tune with all these words -- just so many words!"

Describing the process as "stream of consciousness," Gavin says the lyrics were "just one thought after another, after another, after another, and lots of little social commentary, with a little bit of that one thing you can hold on to: a little touch of a love story."  He adds, "It's just lots and lots of words, but fun -- a kind of a really fun word journey."

Gavin's performing "Best I Ever Had" every night on tour this summer with Train, but two years ago this week, he was forced to cancel several tour dates -- with Train and Maroon 5 -- after a horrible incident: he was attacked by a group of assailants in New York City.  He ended up with a concussion, broken nose, black eyes, cuts and bruises.  Two years later, police have still never found the people who attacked Gavin, but he says surprisingly, he doesn't really mind.

"[It's] not a big deal anymore for me, you know what I mean?," he tells ABC News Radio. "It was a moment in time and I just think it was -- whatever it was -- it was supposed to happen, and I'm okay with that."  

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