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Michael Buble Talks Tiny New Baby, Massive New Tour

Image Courtesy Michael Buble via InstagramMichael Buble celebrated his 38th birthday on Monday, and he's got a lot to be happy about: he became a father for the first time on August 27 when his wife delivered their son Noah, and he says he just can't get over how much he loves the little guy.

Speaking about fatherhood backstage at The View on Monday, Michael told ABC News Radio, "I think that the biggest surprise is the feeling of how much you fall in love with this little human being that you never met before." He also said he was surprised at the "great sense of responsibility, urgency, and...a depth of love I didn't know existed," adding, "I didn't realize that on the spectrum of love, there was this kind."

Michael appeared on The View on Monday to serenade Barbara Walters with his new single "Close Your Eyes," but he says he's also enjoying serenading baby Noah with a variety of lullabies.  "It's a pretty amazing feeling, it really is," he says of becoming a dad. "I mean, it's funny, no matter how grumpy I am or, or what I'm thinking, when I think about him, I'm taken to a happier place.  He's kind of my happy thought."

And that's why, Michael says, it was so tough for him to leave baby Noah and his wife Luisana to kick off his big U.S. tour over the weekend. 

"Of course it's difficult," he tells ABC News Radio. "I wanted to be there for my wife, and of course I miss the kid, but she's coming out [with him to visit] in a few's nice because it gives me something to really look forward to."  He also says he and his wife have been Skyping every night. "I get to see the kid sleeping so it makes me happy," he beams.

Of course, entertaining his fans also makes Michael happy, and he's particularly thrilled with this new tour, which comes in support of his album To Be Loved.  "The production is massive.  Everything around me is huge," he tells ABC News Radio. "But at the same time, I really wanted to allow the music to really be a huge part.  Of course the humor is important to me, and being with the audience and conversing with them -- but I really did want the music to be strong and for every song to be people's favorite song."

"My whole thing going into this show is really just bringing the people what they want," Michael explains, and he admits that that's not always been the case. "I think on the last tour, I chose a few songs that I really liked, or songs sometimes that were even easy on me.  And on this tour...I didn't want to be lazy in any way.  I wanted to just choose songs that the audience would go nuts for.  So everything is a knockout punch."

Michael's strategy seems to be working. "I just played Chicago, and Kansas City last night, and people were on their feet almost the whole time, which in previous shows just didn't happen," he says proudly. "It's a great show.  The word is out now, I think."

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