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Elton John Is an "Addict" When It Comes to Touring John recently said that due to his recent bout with appendicitis, he plans to drastically cut back on his hectic touring schedule.  But why has he felt compelled, at age 66, to play more than 120 dates a year if he doesn't need the money?  Because, the pop-rock legend maintains, for him, touring is like cocaine or alcohol: He's addicted.

"I couldn't just have one bunch of flowers, or one line of coke, or one drink or one pair of shoes," he tells the British paper The Mirror.  "It's inbred in me.  I'm an addict....So I'm addicted to working.  I don't have to play 124 shows a year, but I love it."

Actually being on stage playing his hits for fans isn't the hard part, though, as John explains. 

"It's the traveling that kills you," he tells the paper.  "You usually end up in Brazil, Australia or Singapore... somewhere a long way from home...I'm so addicted to playing, I think, 'Let's go there... let's see what this is like.'  This year, I've played Paraguay and Peru: places I’ve never played before."

But, Elton admits, "I'm 66.  I can't keep doing this physically for the rest of my life...When you go to heaven -- or hell -- they're not going to give me a medal for playing 100 countries.  But that's just the way my brain works."

John's new album The Diving Board is due out on September 24.

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