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Funny or Die Prank? Justin Bieber Teases Robin Role in "Batman vs. Superman"

Image Courtesy Justin Bieber via InstagramIf fanboys everywhere had a collective meltdown when they found out that Ben Affleck had been cast as Batman in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film, their brains pretty much exploded when the rumor started on Instagram that Justin Bieber was being considered for the role of Robin in the same film.  But relax, geeks: there's just no way it's true. 

Justin posted a photo on Instagram of himself holding up what looks like a copy of the movie's script, with the word "BIEBER" watermarked across it, along with the hashtag "#robin?"  This caused a mass freakout across the Internet, with people weighing in on just how horrific it would be if Justin was cast in the film. 

But here's why you shouldn't be concerned: a few hours before posting the photo, Justin tweeted, "Off to do something funny or...die :)."  That's a clue that the photo is part of a video that Justin's making for the comedy website FunnyorDie, which he's worked with several times in the past.

In addition, the website offers convincing proof that the whole thing is a fake.  First of all, the movie's director, Zack Snyder, said two months ago that the script wasn't complete, and it was in the process of being written.  There's no way it's all finished.  Secondly, the website points out, Justin doesn't exactly have any acting bonafides to speak of, so why would Snyder cast him in a big role in a massive film like this?

And here's the most geeky piece of proof that it's not true: the script that Justin is holding up says that it's based on Batman: The Dark Knight Falls.  The website points out that The Dark Knight Falls was issue four of four of a story that's usually collected in graphic novel form as The Dark Knight Returns.  And in that particular storyline, Robin is...a 13-year-old girl.

So there.

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