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Chris Young Did the Field Research for His Hit Drinking Song, "Aw Naw"

RCA NashvilleChris Young sings about staying out and partying way too late with his buddies on his latest hit, "Aw Naw," and it turns out he's been in that exact situation many times before with his songwriter pals. That's why they ended up writing the song.

Chris tells ABC News Radio, "We've all hung out before and been like, 'Aw, we're gonna go home.'  And then we all end up celebrating 'cause we wrote a good song."

There isn't one specific watering hole in Nashville that Chris and his friend's prefer over another for those late night parties, though.  He usually just gets roped into going out when he has a night off the road.

Says Chris, "My friends all track me down. They're like, 'Hey, heard you're home buddy. You wanna come hang out.' Yeah, so, I can't complain too much about that too much.  I got a good group of buddies, for sure."

Chris's concert crowds can definitely relate to "Aw Naw."  The song has turned into a highlight of his live shows this summer on the road with Brad Paisley.

"It's been so much fun, man, to see people's reaction to this song," Chris explains.  "Like, getting on stage playing it is just like instant party."

Look for Chris to perform "Aw Naw" on ABC's Good Morning America Wednesday.  It's the lead single from his new album, A.M., now in stores.

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