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Brad Paisley Sheds Some Light on His New Movie's Storyline

Arista NashvilleBrad Paisley traveled to Haiti this week to film scenes for the major motion picture based on his latest single "I Can't Change the World." The film's storyline builds on the song's message of trying to connect on a personal level in the age of social media and the 24-hour news cycle.  Brad believes being able to see what's happening anywhere in the world at any time isn't always a good thing.

"What I notice is that it makes you want to run and hide," he says. "The more you see what really happens in the world, you feel more isolated.  You feel more alone, you feel small and you feel like it's too daunting to even try to make a difference when you look at this incredibly huge hill that we have to climb."

The love story told in Brad's film finds the main characters struggling to overcome that high-tech isolation and give each others' lives meaning.

Brad explains, "The minute that you change someone else's life, your life has meaning.  Your life has worth."

There's no word on when Brad's movie might land in theaters.  "I Can't Change the World" is included on Brad's latest album, Wheelhouse.

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